From Father to Son

Over a considerable number of years now, I have kept every pair of jeans belonging to me and my husband that we no longer wear…that is, all those jeans with excessive holes in rendering them inappropriate for polite society! I haven’t been able to bring myself to throw them away because aside from the obvious holes there is a fair amount of good quality denim … Continue reading From Father to Son

And in a Jingle, it’s all Done!

It has been ages since I blogged anything – 3 months, WordPress reliably informs me! It’s not because I didn’t want to but circumstances pushed it to the bottom of the pile. You see, our previously wonderful sleeper of a child stopped sleeping. Combine disrupted sleep with work and said child getting ill and suddenly you find that it’s an effort to get anything much … Continue reading And in a Jingle, it’s all Done!

No Pins were used in the Making of these Curtains

That is not entirely true. However, it is true to say that I was quite lazy in the construction of these curtains and a curtain purist would not be all that impressed. Having said that, I am very happy with all the pattern matching (the two curtains look almost identical) and I love the finished look in our bedroom. So, overall a success. This fabric … Continue reading No Pins were used in the Making of these Curtains