Baguettes of all Colours!

A couple of years ago, whilst searching for birthday presents for my sisters, I came across the u-Handbag website. It didn’t take long for me to decide to have a go and making some bags and ordered a couple of different kits, including the Baguette Clutch Purse Making Kit. I substituted the fabric provided for some of my own (using the fabric from u-Handbag for other … Continue reading Baguettes of all Colours!

Getting Ready for Summer #MeMadeMay

I’ve been wanting to get back into dressmaking again for a while. My husband joined forces with my family on my last birthday and bought me a dressmaker’s mannequin. Whilst I completed my nursing training and embarked upon my first nursing job, it sat unused. I’d walk past the spare room and plan what I was going to make but never quite find the time! … Continue reading Getting Ready for Summer #MeMadeMay