Baguettes of all Colours!

A couple of years ago, whilst searching for birthday presents for my sisters, I came across the u-Handbag website. It didn’t take long for me to decide to have a go and making some bags and ordered a couple of different kits, including the Baguette Clutch Purse Making Kit. I substituted the fabric provided for some of my own (using the fabric from u-Handbag for other purposes – waste not, want not!) and made a bag for one of my sisters (I have three – they all got bags that year!). I have to admit to being slightly confused this first time of making it (2 years ago now!), and my now-husband had to help me make sense of it (I got the pattern the wrong way around!). But I got there in the end.

2012-06-02 20.04.062012-06-02 20.04.31









More recently, I decided that it was about time I made one for myself! Of course, it had to be yellow! I found the fabric in a little shop in Hereford, whose name now escapes me and the lining is actually curtain fabric left over from some curtains I made a while back! No problems this time – the pattern made perfect sense and I now have a unique makeup bag of my own!!

2014-05-24 10.58.212014-05-24 10.58.41

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