Our Homemade Wedding – The Invitations

Our homemade wedding adventure began 11 months ago when my now-husband proposed to me with a “voucher” entitling me to the sum of one engagement ring! The voucher was in a homemade envelope, constructed from a print of newspaper from the day I was born and was sealed with red wax and an “S.” We subsequently went ring shopping together and I cashed in my voucher (actually, I retained the voucher and it still sits in its envelope beside my bed but you know what I mean!). Anyway, despite me being the crafty one it was actually My Boy who began the handcrafted wedding without him even realising!

We quickly set a date for 7 months later and the preparations began. We knew from the off that we didn’t want to spend a fortune and as far as I was concerned, our wedding was an excuse for a big crafting project! Once the venues and catering had been decided, the invitations were first on the list of things to do.

I started out by looking a wedding invitation designs that I liked and collected them together on a Pinterest board. It was the first time I had used Pinterest for collecting my ideas for a project and found it immensely useful. Some time before we got engaged, my mother-in-law had shown me a wedding invitation she had received where there were different sheets of paper for different parts of the invitation and I had really liked this idea. My husband had the idea of using a Victorian style font. I wanted the colour yellow to feature. We both like music and knew that music would be carefully chosen for the wedding, which gave me the idea of using old sheet music. As for using buttons, I’m not sure how I came up with the idea but I think it worked! I liked the idea that each invitation was completely unique whilst conforming to an overall design.


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