Our Homemade Wedding – the Food

Things have been a bit quiet on the Stepherella blog of late – we’ve been away for a week and prior to that I had two weeks of night shifts, which are not generally conducive to any crafting fun or blogging about it! However, there are still a couple of aspects of our wedding to share so I thought today I would talk food!

As I mentioned in previous posts, our wedding budget was not huge and from the start it became clear to us that catering was going to our biggest outgoing. Being a winter wedding, we decided that we wanted hearty food for the main course. This was something we didn’t feel that we could do ourselves, or expect any of our friends and family do. So we searched around online and came across Green Fig Catering in Essex, who cooked the most wonderful sausages and pies along with green veg and mash for us. Certainly, nobody went home hungry! Green Fig provided great service, assisting with the construction of our canapes, serving everything efficiently and even providing some first aid skills! We can’t recommend them highly enough.

The rest of the food was either provided by ourselves or family and friends – which of course is where the handmade bit comes in! The canape menu was the domain of my husband (he’s the cook in our household!) – mozzarella with tomato and basil; chorizo and manchego cheese; and, fruitcake with Wensleydale cheese (which the caterers kindly added a jam too to make them even better!). My boy spent  a couple of months perfecting his fruitcake recipe and made the ones for the wedding in the few days beforehand. Unfortunately, no one seems to have taken any photos of the canapes although they were beautiful, when finished!

Desserts were made by friends and families. On the morning of the wedding, I was a bit concerned there wouldn’t be enough dessert but how wrong was I – everyone who contributed made massive desserts and there was still some left for our evening guests. I made the labels for each dessert as I wanted to acknowledge everyone who had contributed. I added some wine glasses with yellow and orange stems (hand painted for me as a birthday gift some years back by friends) and filled them with yellow and orange sweets – there was a lot of yellow at our wedding!!

The dessert table – photograph taken by friends, Mr and Mrs R
A wedding “Tower of Brownies” made by one of our university friends. Photograph taken by friends, Mr and Mrs R.
The dessert table – photograph taken by friends, Mr and Mrs R

We kind of had two wedding cakes. My husband LOVES cheese – maybe you got that idea from the canape menu! Anyway, he decided he wanted a “cheese cake.” We contacted Gunton’s in Colchester, who advised on types of cheese and provided it for us and Mr Stepherella arranged the cheeses and the first of our wedding cakes was formed. It looked pretty beautiful when finished.

The Wedding “Cheese Cake” – Photograph taken by friends, Mr and Mrs R

The actual wedding cake was made by one of our oldest friends, J (who also took the photos for this blog post). The cake had four different layers and two of them were wheat free as I am gluten intolerant. The yellow icing beautifully matched our wedding theme and the pattern was simple but beautiful (although, I fear it wasn’t quite as simple in the construction). It was brilliant – we hope J knows just how much we loved it!

Wedding cake made by one of our oldest mutual friends, J. Photograph taken by her and Mr R

Just one last photo of the Wedding Cake Table because it looked so lovely once it was all set up. The next wedding post will be about the table settings but this is a little sneak preview!

The Cake Table – Photograph taken by Mr and Mrs R

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