The Fashionista Baby Bag by Lisa Lam (@uhandbag)

I’d hardly describe myself as a fashionista but when I bought Lisa Lam’s book A Bag for all Reasons, I really liked the look of her pattern for the Fashionista Baby Bag. When I bought the book all that time ago, I had thought to make the bag as a gift for someone but never quite identified the right person. Well, now pregnant myself, I realised I had the perfect reason to make it, if a little prematurely (the little one isn’t due until April!) though I guess there’s no harm in being prepared!!

In my ever-growing stock of fabric, I had some leftover fabric from making our bedroom curtains some time back. It’s a blue and off-white ticking fabric and quite thick. I thought this would be the perfect weight for the outer fabric for this project. I paired it with a white PUL from Cuddle Plush Fabrics. The colour match is not perfect but certainly acceptable! The pattern also called for heavy sew-in interlining and a woven fusible interfacing, which I purchased from Lisa’s own shop, u-handbag, along with the metal slider and O-rings for the strap.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow and overall, I’m pretty pleased with the result. My main issue was with the fabric. The PUL was really tricky to work with, particularly when stitching two layers of it together. I had purchased a walking foot for my sewing machine prior to starting this project but even using this the PUL slipped around and the stitching all came apart. I experimented a bit with scraps, and in the end I placed a piece of baking paper on top of the two layers of PUL and stitched through all three layers. This seemed to work perfectly and things were pretty much plain sailing after this.

My other reservation regarding the PUL is that it is very floppy and because you need to cover the fabric with a cloth when pressing (on a low heat), I couldn’t get a sharp edge at the top of my inner pockets. I’m hoping once I start putting things into the bag, the pockets will hold their shape much better. Oh…and the inner zipped pocket is a little bit wonky because of difficulties marking the PUL with a fabric marker or tailor’s chalk, but I suspect I’m the only one who will notice!

The front pockets are my favourite part of the bag – they turned out much neater than I anticipated! In fact the pattern matching was largely better than I had expected! The most time-consuming part of the process was cutting out all the pieces – I traced all the pattern pieces onto tracing paper first and cut these out before cutting all the fabric pieces, of which there are many. The construction was quick by comparison!

Anyway, here is the finished product. I wonder how practical my fabric choices will turn out to be…I guess only time will tell!


5 thoughts on “The Fashionista Baby Bag by Lisa Lam (@uhandbag)

    1. Thank you! It should all be washable – that was the aim anyway!! And the inside is definitely wipe clean…I discovered that when spilling a drink on some of my scraps (luckily not the bag!).


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