Imperfect Weddings

I was thinking today that I still have one more blog post to publish about our wedding (almost one year on now!) but I still have to decide which photos to use. But soon it will be online! So this post is not strictly about crafting…but it fits within the my “wedding theme.”

In the meantime, though, I read this article in the guardian and wanted to share it. It is a pretty similar to how we approached our wedding. We aimed for pleasant and fun but not perfect. We wanted it to look nice but the shabbiness of the village hall meant it wouldn’t be pristine. We fed and watered our guests sufficiently (I hope!) with hearty food and our favourite beers and wines. Oh and cheese…there was a lot of cheese! We played music that meant something to us. My dress was off the high street and quite honestly given how dirty it got that’s probably just as well! My husband wore his work suit, much to the surprise of some.

Whilst we didn’t make the traditional Church of England wedding vows, our self-written secular vows also acknowledged the imperfections of marriage. How many other people have made promises about picking socks up off the floor and cooking dinner more often?! That doesn’t mean getting married meant any less to us, only that we understood it to be one day in the rest of our lives!

Anyway, the point is that it wasn’t perfect, nor was it intended to be. We had a wonderful day and one we will cherish – but if it had rained (it didn’t – but it was really really cold!) it wouldn’t have mattered because that’s life! And one year on we’re pretty much as happy as we were on our wedding day (and pregnancy has made me pretty grumpy at times!).

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