Our Homemade Wedding – the Table Settings and Other Decorations

Well, I’m now on maternity leave so hopefully the blogging can catch up with the crafting! I’ve got a few things to share but I thought I’d start with this long-promised final wedding post! Well, it’s only a month after our first wedding anniversary after all

I previously wrote about the flowers here so I won’t dwell on them in this post – suffice to say they were an integral part of the centre pieces! Accompanying the flowers in the centre of each table were logs, sourced and cut as straight as possible by my parents, with candles in jars on top of them. We used coloured sand in the bottom of the jars to stabilise the candles, which added to the general yellow/orange colour theme! Other jars were used to hold olives, peanuts and sweets allowing our guests something to snack on should there be any waiting time! All jars were collected by ourselves and family members and friends helped us to tie raffia around the top of them for decoration and to match the flower vases. The centre pieces were framed by a square piece of hessian and surrounded by tea lights in holders donated to us by friends and table confetti, which I made myself by using a star-shaped hole punch and leftover sheet music and orange card from the invitations!

The dessert table, cake and cheese table and the table holding the guest book and gifts were decorated with a similar theme with a number of different glasses use to hold snacks and varying numbers of logs and candles – it was a bit of try it and see on the day when we knew how many tables, logs, candles etc we had available!

Place name markers were bought in as ready folded cards and a flower decoration stuck on. The flower was created out of sheet music (I cut them all using my die cutter) and buttons so that each place-name marker was an individual. The square with a flower-shaped hole in the middle left over from the die cutting were stuck onto orange card, onto which we wrote people’s menu choices in case they had forgotten! We slotted this card into the yellow ribbon tied around each person’s napkin along with a paper flower that we had purchased on a trip to Thailand.

The table plan was created with the same theme in mind. We printed circles representing each of the tables with guests names around the outside. They were fixed to a notice board with a die cut/button flower attached to a drawing pin in the middle such that they could be spun around. Each table was named after a cheese (underneath each circle on the table plan) but we added a twist. The table itself was not labelled with the cheese but instead with a joke to which the cheese was the punchline – I think it gave some entertainment although I’m not certain everyone got it entirely!

A second notice board was covered in photos of my husband and I from when we were children until the present day with many of our friends and family also represented. A third notice board was decorated with pictures drawn or painted for us by our nieces and nephews – unfortunately we didn’t manage to get pictures of these little pieces of artwork! All notice boards in the village hall were covered in hessian, which allowed us to leave the parish notices in situ underneath and cause minimal disturbance. We used organza in yellow and white to decorate the walls.

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