Spotted Top

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I’d hoped this baby of mine might have arrived by now. However, it is showing no sign of arrival and is clearly far too comfortable in there. So….to keep myself occupied I thought I’d write another little post. I’m afraid it’s another baby-related post! Unless you have a baby or a baby on the way, I don’t suppose all the baby related posts are that interesting! Rest assured, I already have fabric and patterns ready for some dressmaking for myself after the baby is born!

Anyway, undeterred by my last overlocking experience (here), I decided to make a little top for baby. Another little bit of spotted jersey fabric from Guthrie and Ghani was used for the bulk of the T-shirt with some black ribbed jersey for the neckline from the same. I used this pattern as I really loved the idea of learning how the envelope neck is constructed.


Once again the project was a little small to use on the overlocker – however, it went much more smoothly than my first project! No broken needles and I managed to thread the overlocker correctly first time! I used the overlocker to construct the side seams and the sleeve seams. However, I inserted the sleeves using a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine. It was all quite fiddly and parts of the inside are not as neat as I’d like. However, I love the ribbed neckline and the hems.


The neckline was inserted using and ordinary straight stitch on the sewing machine and was no way near as tricky as I had anticipated. I simply followed the instructions in the pattern. I love the contrast with the main fabric.


For the hems I decided to use the overlocker to create a mock band hem. I used the instructions in the book The Overlocker Technique Manual by Julia Hincks, which I had bought shortly after getting the overlocker. This technique required me to turn up the hem to the wrong side and press into place. The hem is then turned back towards the right side of the fabric so that the raw edge is level with the fold you’ve just made. You then overlock along this edge, lining up the edge so that the blade only cuts off the stray threads. I was terrified at this point I would sew a bit wonky and cut off more than I needed – the speed of the overlocker still panics me slightly! Though it is getting easier with time! Having stitched the hem it is pressed flat. Although I’m not sure the inside is that neat, I love the finish on the right side. I think it finishes the top nicely.


I love this pattern and found it relatively simple – hoping to make some more but I shall wait now until baby is born so that I can make sure I make the right size!


3 thoughts on “Spotted Top

  1. Lovely top! Thanks for your tip about using an overlocker to hem with. I’ll definitely have a go at this as it’s a right faff to keep switching between machines. The speed of mine still scares me too…


    1. Thank you! The book is really helpful…more helpful than my instruction manual at times. It wasn’t that expensive either. I tried a rolled hem at the weekend as well…again the book’s instructions were more helpful. I think I must have a permanent look of terror on my face when I’m using the overlocker though!

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