And so it begins…

That is crafting with a baby around!!

They’re not wrong to say that a newborn baby takes up a lot of time. The day passes by without me seeming to achieve very much at all. That’s not entirely true…I’m just not getting all that much crafting done. It just seems wrong to sit down at the sewing machine when the bathroom is in need of a clean or the baby bottles are awaiting sterilization or the ironing is staring me in the face!! That said, I have done some little bits just nothing I can yet blog about.

We’re attending three weddings this summer (two down and one to go) and so I have been making wedding cards. I have photos to share with you but since the cards are variations on a theme I can’t post them until after the final wedding. I haven’t done much cardmaking in a long while so I quite enjoyed getting out the die cutter and glue and matching different papers.

I’m almost up to date with my baby gifts but not quite – again, something to share after the intended recipients get them! Friends…you know who you are…I haven’t forgotten your little ones it’s just my little one is slowing me down!

I’ve joined up with the The Monthly StitchIt is (in the organizers’ words) “an international ongoing sew-along, with a different challenge each month…” I started reading the blog whilst pregnant but wasn’t feeling up to getting involved at the time. However, I’m now planning my first contribution – I hope to achieve the July challenge: “Check it out.” So…watch this space.

I also have plans for a handmade wardrobe, making a shirt for my husband and more clothes for the little one but all in good time. It might take me a while though as I find I have to do everything in 5 minute bursts at the moment and sometimes that’s not long enough to figure out tricky parts of a pattern. I’d like to take a dressmaking class or 2 as well, but that might have to wait until the other half can be at home with little ET for the day!

So, there we go. A little update though the interesting posts are to follow!

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