Hand Crafted Baby

Something that happens when you have a new baby – you get lots of cards and gifts. People are so generous and everything is super cute! We received far too many things to share them all with you but we’ve loved them all – I’m in the process of preparing the thank you cards, along with all the other crafting projects I have in the pipeline! Although by putting little ET in a sling I did manage to get some stuff done yesterday…however, trying to use a sewing machine with a baby strapped to my front is going to take some getting used to!!

Anyway, I’m always so impressed with the crafting that other people do and I wanted to share some of the hand crafted gifts little ET received.

Even before he was born, we received this little hat and cardigan set from a friends of my mum’s. I love the cuff detail and the little duck buttons. It’s hard to believe 8 weeks on that he ever fit into it! He wore this in hospital and as part of his going home clothes and it was too big at the time!

Another part of his going home outfit was his “Yoda” hat, which we purchased from a lovely Canadian seller (Fairyqueen Designs) on Etsy (in the picture below). Having seen our “announcement picture” with ET wearing the Yoda hat, a friend of my husband painted the little card shown next to it below. Isn’t it fab? Isn’t she so talented?

Another super handmade card we received was from my little niece, L. Almost 3 at the time she created this masterpiece at Preschool for her new cousin.


This hat was knitted by our good friend, J. When so many newborn baby things are pastel coloured, it was really lovely to receive something brightly coloured. It currently still fits but the weather is not exactly woolly hat weather!


Our friend, R, made a sampler. The picture does not do it justice. This must have been a serious amount of work. It is really quite big and the cross stitches are so tiny. It is beautiful – we just have to find a frame and get it up on ET’s wall.


Finally, a former work colleague of mine and good friend, O, made this teddy bear! He has the cutest face and the knitting is so good. Currently this bear is without a name but is often used to entertain ET! I’m not sure he knows what it is yet but he has a good look at it!

We have some very talented friends it seems!

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