Love Birds

Among our son’s first social engagements have been three weddings this summer! He has attended them all in style, even if his mother didn’t! So among my first crafting projects since Little ET arrived on the scene were the creation of three wedding cards. I made them all on a theme – unfortunately, the first had to be sent before I could photograph it. However, here are the other two!

I don’t know about others but I always find it hard to find nice wedding cards on the high street and historically often ended up buying blank cards instead. The cards I find are either too cheesy or too mushy! I wanted my cards to represent the couple getting married and to congratulate them without being too obvious. I came up with my Love Bird design some time back and thought it was about time I blogged about it. Now having made three cards in the same vein, this seemed the perfect time! (Well, that’s if I can manage to write more than a sentence without ET demanding my attention!).

The birds were produced using my die cutter (the best thing ever for card making – though I still don’t quite get how it works!). The backing papers were all from my substantial paper stash, which gives my fabric stash a run for its money! The ribbons were also from the stash. Basically, I decided on three colour themes and pulled out all the papers in those colours. I then mixed and matched for each one until I had papers that complemented each other and a ribbon to match! The harder thing was deciding which colour to give to which couple – I hope I got it right!

Anyway, homemade cards for summer weddings. What do you think?

Congratulations all over to our newly wedded friends!

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