The Fold Line – I’ve joined, have you?

Hi everyone,

This is a quick post aimed at my sewing readers! Though if you want to get into sewing then it might be the thing for you as well.

Today, I became a member of The Fold Line – a new online social network for sewers of all types. It allows you to follow people, become friends and search and review patterns. I’m excited to see how much I’ll use it – I think the group discussions could be really great. Anyway, lovely readers…should you decide to join up as well then please do find me (@Stepherella) and become my friend there!!

Now back to my many “almost-finished” projects while the baby sleeps!

Hope you’re all well

S x

2 thoughts on “The Fold Line – I’ve joined, have you?

    1. I think it could be helpful for the pattern directory. The search terms are excellent (they include body shape for example). Maybe the discussion groups as well for quick questions…I know what you mean about keeping up with blogs though! And I’m on maternity leave…I should have loads of time, right?!


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