Dungarees are the Best

It’s fair to say that I haven’t done as much crafting as I might like of late. life has kind of got in the way. We are soon to move house; we are relocating to Bedford. It’s all very exciting but just a little stressful and time-consuming. In addition, my maternity leave will come to an end next week when I start a new job and ET will start nursery. We did manage a family holiday in Scotland in amongst all that but I ended up with a number of unfinished projects. But today I finally have something to share with you.

I love dungarees for kids. They are so practical and they look so cute. So when I was browsing through my back issues of Love Sewing magazine and found this pattern in Issue 7 I knew I wanted to make them. And I knew I wanted to make them in denim. I have quite a large stash of old jeans that I can’t bear to throw away because of the amount of fabric that would be wasted and this seemed a perfect use for them. As it turned out, only one pair of men’s jeans in the stash provided sufficient fabric width for the pattern so they were the ones I used. Actually, I made a mistake when cutting them out and forgot to reverse the pattern piece for the left side of the dungarees. At this point I was ready to discard them but Mr Stepherella convinced me to continue with the pieces back to front. It means I’ve ended up with a two-tone look but I think if you didn’t know then you wouldn’t think twice about it (I hope!). The green fabric was in my stash – I think I bought it in Badger and Earl in Chiswick a while back. And the bias binding I bought off eBay ages and ages ago – I can’t remember who from.

The pattern was quite simple to make. I decided to use the contrast colour for the pocket as well as the lining and used a strip of bias binding for the top of the pocket so that it matched the binding used around the legs. On the straps I used heavy-duty snap fasteners (I had to get Mr Stepherella to hammer them in place for me) and round the legs I stitched in 11 mm snap fasteners. These were probably a bit big to be honest and I discovered that I am incapable of sewing them in neatly but since they can’t be seen one all done up I shan’t beat myself up about it!

The main new thing that I tried was flat felled seams. They didn’t entirely work out and my stitching is a bit wobbly and on one side I caught some extra fabric in the seam. But for a first attempt it doesn’t look too bad. I don’t expect anyone else is going to notice but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice the seams every time I pick them up!!

Anyway, ET tried modelling for the first time and here are the results. Getting him to sit vaguely still was hard enough, let alone getting him to smile but you can see the dungarees! They’re a little bit big for him at the moment but if there’s one thing I can be sure of it’s that he’ll grow into them in due course!!


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