A Late Start

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty late with this post but, well…Happy New Year! I know we’re almost at the end of January but I hadn’t said it yet! I was going to wait until I actually had something crafty to blog about but then changed my mind. I concluded that blogging about what I plan to do might actually give me the push I need to get started!

I have been doing some little bits and pieces but I do have some projects that desperately need finishing. I have a number of baby gifts to get done (preferably before the children hit their teenage years) and a couple of dressmaking projects at differing stages of construction. I DID manage to make Christmas cards this year, so I was pleased with that but all in all crafting time has been limited since October time.

Thing is, I went back to work to a new job. Of course this meant that ET started nursery, which led to him being continuously ill for about 2 months and requiring trips to GP’s, Out of Hours Doctors, Urgent Care Centres and hospitals proper. He’s going to have a wonderful immune system!! We also moved house at the same time – we sold our London flat and moved ourselves to Bedford. So all in all it’s been a bit busy and hence limited crafting.

But even now things have calmed down a little it has still been difficult to back on track – that’s just partly getting back into the right frame of mind but it is also partly about working out how best to use time and space in our current home. We’re in a little rental property at the moment until we find somewhere to buy and the space is not easy to use. Having said that, I’ve had both the sewing machine and the overlocker out and there were no mishaps!

But I almost forgot. Not long after we moved, Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing invited me to a sewing night in a little Bedford cafe back in December. It was a lot of fun and a lovely welcome to Bedford. So…to kick start my crafting for 2016 I’m off to a little evening class with Janet tomorrow night, which should be fun. I’ll fill you in on the details afterwards!!

Whilst many of fellow bloggers are setting themselves goals for the year, I’m quite simply aiming to get dressmaking, knitting, bagmaking and cardmaking again! Because it’s about time and I’m beginning to miss it! Hopefully, I’ll have something to share with you soon! Meanwhile, I shall continue to enjoy reading what other people are making and wishing I had their skills!!

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