Knickerbocker Glory

The thing that stands out about Bedford so far is how friendly it is. People actually strike up conversations in the bank, in the supermarket, in the chip shop and, well, all over really. Doctor’s receptionists are lovely and go out of their way to be helpful and the other mums at the baby group we’ve been going to are friendly and welcoming. Now I’m willing to accept that I’m new to Bedford and probably trying to seek out the good right now but last night only helped to confirm this first impression of our new home town.

Last night I joined Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing for one of her knicker making classes! I met Janet for the first time before Christmas when we’d first moved to Bedford. I attended a little sewing evening that she hosted. Janet is so very welcoming and on that night I met some really nice people. Last night was more of the same, with Janet welcoming me and two more lovely ladies into her home for a knicker making session. I’ve never really done sewing as social thing – it has been largely a solitary pass time for me with all interaction really coming from blogging, reading other blogs and social media. But last night was lovely with four of us around a table sewing, chatting, drinking tea and Prosecco, eating cake and, of course, sewing! Thanks to Janet especially for the evening but also to my fellow students for a lovely evening.

I chose to attend Janet’s knicker making evening because it looked like fun (it was), it was something I’d never done before (in particular, sewing the elastic) and it gave e an opportunity to work with some Liberty fabric! It was a very successful evening with all three of us completing our knickers in record time (apparently – though maybe Janet was just being nice!). Janet had prepared the fabric and cut the pieces ahead of time, so we just had to construct them.

I guess I probably could have slowly worked out how to construct them myself at home but it was much easier with little tips from Janet. The construction in the end is quite simple but I found stitching the elastic needed some concentration. The Liberty Tana Lawn is lovely to work with. Not much more to say really other I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Not usually one for sharing my underwear in public, these ones are just too nice not to put on the blog! What do you think?


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