Finally Finished

I started this project back in September and have only just finished it today. In terms of the number of hours taken to complete, it didn’t take long at all. But work and moving house and a very active baby kind of got in the way! Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Anyway, after the wait for the actual garment I was pretty keen to blog about it asap. So…whilst the baby sleeps and the husband is sat in front of the rugby here I am! (Actually, I’m sat in front of the rugby too but I can multitask!)

This is the Mathilde pattern from Tilly and the Buttons. I can’t actually remember what size I made (I failed to mark it on my traced pattern) but what I do know is that having looked at the ease in the pattern I decided to go one smaller than the body measurements on the pattern suggested. I did this for two reasons: I didn’t want my version to be too “billowy” and secondly, I still had a fair amount of baby weight to lose at the time and I wanted to fit when…well, now! I think I made the right decision. The only alteration to the pattern that made was to grade the sleeve down to a smaller size at the cuff as I have quite narrow arms (it turns out) and I wanted the cuffs to sit nicely. Again, this seems to have worked out.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow although I did a couple of things a bit differently. I had used bias binding to add a contrast colour along the edge of the yoke and decided that I would use it to bind the neckline as well. I often find facings uncomfortable to wear and prefer to use a binding. Also, I made Mathilde from a remnant of cotton lawn and literally did not have enough to make a facing! Actually, now the blouse is complete I think a facing would give a better finish but it is comfortable to wear as it is!

The second thing I did differently was the sleeve insertion. I gathered the sleeve as described in the pattern but I inserted the sleeve “open” and stitched up the sleeve seams and side seams as one long seam allowing easy use of French seams. In fact the inside of this project is the bit I’m most proud of. I used French seams throughout and it looks so so neat.


The pin tucks on the front are a little uneven and the cuffs are also a little uneven (though this is only visible on the inside). On the other hand the sleeves look great and the buttonholes are beautiful (I have finally properly figured out the automatic buttonhole function on my sewing machine!). And the inside is so neat…did I mention that?!

This is a bit of a different style for me so it remains to be seen how much I will wear it but I like it and the finish is totally good enough to wear. We have a family gathering on Easter Monday – maybe that will be the time for it’s first outing! I’m not sure the photos of me entirely do it justice – I hate looking at the camera and feel entirely self-conscious. Any tips from fellow bloggers on how to pose without feeling ridiculous?


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