Monkey Business

It was little ET’s first birthday this weekend. I cannot quite believe how fast the last year has gone!! Anyway, of course we wanted to mark the occasion. His actual birthday was just presents, a trip to buy his first pair of shoes (yep, he’s really walking!) and a visit to the park in the lovely sunshine. On Sunday, both sets of grandparents came to visit and ET found himself very much the centre of attention! Now, I knew he wouldn’t really appreciate a birthday cake but I wanted to make one all the same. Also, I figured that if I start decorating cakes for him now, by the time he’s 5 and knows what he wants I might be a little better at it. Cake decorating, it’s fair to say, is not my forte.

I wanted to decorate the cake with something that ET would recognise…so I chose monkeys! He has a soft toy monkey that he loves and he has always got very excited by the monkey in his zoo book. So…I decided on monkeys. I followed this You Tube video:

I didn’t have all the little cutters and tools and so I had to make do with knives, fingers and cocktail sticks. I bought the fondant ready flavoured and coloured – I tried colouring it myself at Christmas and got in a right old mess without actually achieving the colour I wanted. Ready made is the way forward!! My monkeys are a little rough around the edges and Mr Stepherella questioned whether they were monkeys or bears half way through the construction process. But all in all I was pretty happy with the result.

The trees were to make it look like a jungle and I think it kind of worked. The sponge was a basic Victoria Sponge made with Spelt flour. I’m not the World’s best baker and this cake didn’t rise as it should but Mr Stepherella (who does the bulk of the baking in our household) assures me it is probably the fault of the oven in our rental house and I like that explanation!!

Anyway, here is the cake in all it’s glory. ET made his generic animal noise (all animals say the same thing in his little language) and grinned when he saw it! I see that as a success.


In other news, we’ve exchanged contracts on our new house and we’re due to move in early June!! New craft room here I come!!


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