Pretty in Purple

This purse was for a friend’s birthday. She’s a fan of purple and so when I got the fabric some time back (I think from a copy of Love Sewing), I knew I had to keep it to one side for her. I decided I wanted to make something a bit different then my standard frame purses – I’d seen a few variations online and one with gathers caught my eye.

The basic pattern I used was the one I had drafted for Nicola’s purse. I cut the basic shape in half and added a triangular insert as shown in the photos below:

The extra lines are where I was investigating how much extra to add – I think it was 4 cm across the top in the end. I marked 2 cm either side of the insert on the pattern as the position to add the gathering stitches.

My outer fabric was cut with the new pattern piece and gathering stitches added between the above marks. I then gathered the fabric until it fitted the original pattern piece. I used the original pattern piece for the lining and interfaced the lining. I then constructed the purse as previously using Lisa Lam’s methods, which I learned from her Easy Peasy Purse Making Kit. The final finishing touch was to add one of my new Stepherella labels, which I chose to glue in this time with fabric glue – however, overall i think stitching is a better bet.

I was pretty pleased how this turned out and I’m looking forward to trying the pattern again with different fabrics. I do think it only works with a busy pattern (or a plain fabric) as the way the fabric is gathered would mean it might look a bit odd with a larger print. If anyone has a different method of achieving the same end, I’d love to know.

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