A Guilty Pleasure

This is something I made in an evening and it’s not anything on my list of things to complete that I wrote about here except in as much as I had the fabric already and I had planned to use it for this very pattern. However, I feel slightly guilty that I haven’t attempted any of the things that are already works in progress. Especially my Sewaholic Granville shirt, which continues to stare at me accusingly from the mannequin making me feel guilty every time I look at it!

On the other hand I felt the need to make something quick that I’d be able to wear immediately – I needed to feel like I had achieved something. I’m not a quick sewer so to have something done in an evening felt great. The original pattern cutting took some time, however. Way back when, when I bought the fabric it appears that I misread/didn’t read the pattern correctly and didn’t buy enough fabric as t wasn’t wide enough! But I was determined and so ended up cutting the pieces out flat (i.e. not on the fold as they should be) and shaving about 1 cm off each side both front and back at the hips (this was not my best idea!).

The pattern is the Simple Sleeveless Top from Learn to Sew with Lauren. I got this bok for my birthday a year ago – I had put it on my birthday list largely because I wanted this and a couple of the other simple patterns. This is the first thing I have got around to making anything from it. I’m pleased to report the experience was a positive one. The instructions are clear and the pictures informative. These in addition to the book being really pretty!

The top itself is simple – 2 pieces, a bound neckline and bound arm holes and a hem. I made the size 12 and as I mentioned above, made no changes except to have some off the hips. This was not for fitting purposes – only to be able to fit the pattern on my piece of fabric! The resulting top is therefore a little bit snug on the hips and it is not an alteration I would make again!

I used a contrast blue bias binding (I love having little flashes of contrast on the inside – I’m quite conservative often with colours and patterns and the binding here just makes me feel a little brave and exciting!!). I used French Seams throughout so internally the top is beautiful. I’ve become quite a fan of French Seams and use them wherever possible evn though they take that bit longer. I just love the finish.


The top fits ok. My one complaint is the gaping along the back of the neckline. I think from reading the blog series that Lauren did for this pattern, I may need to do a full bust adjustment to get a better fitting. However, it is entirely wearable and very comfortable. And I’ve certainly had ready-to-wear clothes that fit worse! And the fabric – I just love it! I bought it from Guthrie and Ghani about a year ago with this pattern in mind and it doesn’t disappoint. I think I will get a lot of wear out of this and certainly it’ll be going in the suitcase for our holiday next week!

3 thoughts on “A Guilty Pleasure

  1. That fabric is beautiful! I could spend a fortune in Guthrie & Ghani every month given the chance. You could well be right about the fitting issue – it’s hard to tell from pictures, but going down a size and then adding an FBA to get back up to your full bust measurement might be worth a try.


    1. Unfortnately I don’t live close enough to Guthrie & Ghani to go and browse but the online shop is quite tempting enough!

      I think I might have to make a couple of adjustments – I need the larger size at the hip but may need the FBA. I shall have to play around.


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