The Lurgy

Well, when ET went down with what we thought were the chicken pox I was forced to take time off work. Naively, I thought that although it was very frustrating to have to take ANOTHER day of carers’ leave at least I might get some extra crafting done. Quite the opposite…I got nothing done. Then, when Mr Stepherella went down with what turned out NOT to be the chicken pox, I got even less done. All that to say that I’ve got nothing much to report on the crafting front!! Oh, other than my attempt at ginger biscuits further confirmed that baking is not my forte!

I’ve been participating on and off in the #sewphotohop over on Instagram. I’ve not managed even close to every day, but I’ve had a pretty good try and I’ve really enjoyed looking at other people’s photos. In other news, I’ve bought Lisa Comfort’s new ebook, My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break. I bought it entirely on impulse because I loved the Molly top and dress pattern. I’ve been longingly looking at fabrics ever since but I’m trying not to buy anything new until all current projects are complete. Watch this space!

I’ve also started trying to schedule crafting time. I’m starting by trying to manage 15 minutes a day and then increase it little by little. There will be days when I can manage more, certainly, but what I want to try and achieve a little continuity. Let’s see how I’m getting on when I check in next week (because blogging once each week is also in the schedule!



3 thoughts on “The Lurgy

  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. (Did it by any chance turn out to be hand, foot and mouth? My son was misdiagnosed with chickenpox recently – he and Mr Wardrobe both turned out to have HF&M instead.) Let us know how scheduling your crafting goes – I’m always on the hunt for new ways to get more sewing done.


    1. Yep…it was hand, foot and mouth! We only realised when Mr Stepherella got very typical symptoms!

      We’ll see how I get on with the scheduling…currently I’m struggling to get started. I always find this on work days!


      1. Bizarre – we had exactly the same experience. My husband’s symptoms were so much clearer than my son’s. Glad everyone’s feels better now, and I hope you manage to get lots done over the next few weeks.


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