Getting my Ducks in a Row

I’ve nothing new to show. That’s not because I’ve not been doing anything but because I’m trying to do too much. It is one of my shortcomings that I have a tendency to start too many projects at one time and then never know where to get started! I thought I’d share a few things in the hope that publicly declaring my intentions to complete them all will actually motivate me to actually do so!

The first thing on my list is my Sewaholic Granville shirt. I started this at a class with Janet of Kitchen Table Sewing. I didn’t complete it during the class and then we moved house and I’ve been a little distracted by other projects. Add to that, I stopped between making the two sleeve plackets and I’ve struggled to remember what I did the first time round in order to do the second. I think I’ve remembered now so no excuses!! Janet…I will finish this, honest!! Here it is in its current state…I’m pretty proud of the finish on this project so far so I really want to be able to wear it. I should probably say thank you to all the ladies of The Monthly Stitch Facebook page, who gave me great advice on fit. So far, so good on this front.


I’m also in the process of completing some scrapbooks as presents. Because they are presents, I won’t share any pictures of the actual things here in case they see it -but currently they’re stored in a box and look like this! These are overdue (as always as my family will tell you) and I really MUST get them done. I did run out of the right glue, which halted progress for a while but a trip to Hobycraft last weekend has rectified this and so no more excuses.


The other major projects relate to our new house. I’m planning to make curtains and a coordinating quilt for the master bedroom. The first photo below is the curtain fabric and the other photos are sneak peaks of the quilt. The fabrics are Lewis and Irene, purchased from Empress Mills, of the New Forest range. I bought a Jelly roll for the quilt pieces. I love them but hope that it won’t be a too overwhelming when all put together.

Finally, I got a lampshade kit from The Makery for my birthday and I intend to make a lampshade for our hallway. I haven’t yet decided on the colour but I have some ideas.


I say finally because I also have fabric for a top and a dress – who knows when I’ll get around to these. I wish I had more time in the day and more days in the week…what with a small child, a new job and working part time I feel like I never quite have enough time. But I am getting better at fitting in the odd half an hour here and there. Maybe other working mums have some tips for fitting in craft time! And maybe I should stop blogging and get on with creating!!


Leftover Blue

I failed to mention in my last post that we’ve finally moved house! Actually, we moved in on the 12th June so we’ve been in a while now. We got the basics unpacked pretty quickly. It’s taking a bit longer to get the final boxes unpacked and, as expected, much longer to really make it our own. I’m really impatient to have it all done and everything to our taste. In reality, I know that it will take a while and I am enjoying the planning process…that is endless hours on the interweb looking at pictures of shelving and paint colours!!

We had a bit of overlap between this new house and our rental property which allowed us to clean the house extensively and get ET’s bedroom decorated. Mr Stepherella started off the decorating and my father-in-law finished off…White walls with one blue feature wall. He also very helpfully put up some shelves on the feature wall for us. We already had the cot-bed and purchased other furniture from Ikea, including a Rast chest of drawers. I had the tester pots of emulsion from when I was choosing colours and decided that these could be used to customise the chest of drawers.

Despite being the daughter of a builder, my DIY skills are limited and so google came to my rescue on how to use emulsion to paint wood! I found a tutorial (which I have been unable to locate again to share with you – I’ll update when I have some success!). Anyway, it’s fair to say I read the tutorial and then did my own thing anyway! I only painted the surfaces that were visible as we had already constructed the chest of drawers and used it before painting. Next time, I would definitely paint before construction – it would be much much easier and neater!


Each surface had two primer coats (emulsion diluted 1/3) and 3 top coats. The surfaces were sanded in between coats (except the primer coats) and after painting was complete. I then finished it with boiled linseed oil to seal it.


I’m pretty pleased with the result, although the linseed oil has made the white paint slightly yellow. I like how the grain in the wood still shows though and because the colours match what is on the wall it looks really great in ET’s room. Anyway, here is the finished product – see what you think.

Now I must get back to the sewing….a few too many unfinished items in the sewing box!

Customised Ikea Rast