Our Homemade Wedding – The Invitations

Our homemade wedding adventure began 11 months ago when my now-husband proposed to me with a “voucher” entitling me to the sum of one engagement ring! The voucher was in a homemade envelope, constructed from a print of newspaper from the day I was born and was sealed with red wax and an “S.” We subsequently went ring shopping together and I cashed in my … Continue reading Our Homemade Wedding – The Invitations

Baguettes of all Colours!

A couple of years ago, whilst searching for birthday presents for my sisters, I came across the u-Handbag website. It didn’t take long for me to decide to have a go and making some bags and ordered a couple of different kits, including the Baguette Clutch Purse Making Kit. I substituted the fabric provided for some of my own (using the fabric from u-Handbag for other … Continue reading Baguettes of all Colours!